About Us

We specialize in the abstract, helping give life to that picture in the back of your head that only you seem to be able to visualize. We bring our professional creativity, a tireless work ethic, and a customer-first attitude to every job — from all types of ornate flatwork, be it stamped and stained walkways, outdoor BBQ’s, to inlaid ground and polished countertops, or everyday exposed aggregate and broomed driveways. The possibilities are endless!

We self-perform structural and architectural foundations and walls for residences and commercial buildings as well.

From the top down, all employees of Derouin Concrete put the customer first. We work “for” the customer, so it is our responsibility to ensure that every aspect of the job is explained clearly, any ideas are sought after with the utmost attention, and that the job is completed with the highest rate of integrity and satisfaction.

Our mastermind, Joe Derouin, has over 16 years of experience in the concrete industry and has been operating his locally owned small business in the South Sound of the Pacific Northwest Washington since 2010.


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